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Includes: High recognition of quality, reliability and safety Wide range of services based on operational experience A menu of additional maintenance services
Guaranteed Services One point of contact for all MRO requirements

Base and Heavy Maintenance Airframe Maintenance Services


Materials Logistic Support Services


Internal Repair and Support Shops


Flight Simulator (A320 Family)


Line Maintenance


Engineering Services


Aircraft Painting




Specialized Training


Additional Support

  • Heavy Maintenance.
  • Non Routine Maintenance.
  • Inspection, NDT, Boroscope Inspection.
  • Specialized Services.
  • Modifications, ADs, SBs, Additional Jobs.
  • Major and Minor Structural Repairs.
  • CPCP, Supplemental Structural Inspections.
  • Aging Programs.
  • Composite Material Repairs.
  • Disabled Aircraft Recovery Services.
  • Engine Change Support.
  • Components Replace, Operational Test and Rigging.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Line Maintenance and Operational Support in more than 30 locations.
  • IATA Standards Ground Handling Services Overnight, Preflight, Transit, On Call, Meet and Greet Services, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Services, "A" Check.
  • Inspections, NDT, Video Boroscope Inspection.
  • On Wing Composite Repairs.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Engine Change Support.
  • 24/7 AOG supporting.
  • Maintenance Technical Training.
  • Flight Crew.
  • Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Components Warranties & Warranties Administration.
  • Rotable Components Repair Administration.
  • Loan and exchanges support.
  • Tools and equipment supporting.
  • Customs Formalities support.
  • Engineering support in maintenance planning.
  • Engineering assistance for modifications and repair process.
  • Assistance to paint livery design.
  • Engineering Assistance on Airframe, Avionics and Powerplant.
  • Aircraft Weight and Balance.
  • Airbus Representative on site support.
  • Superjet Representative on site support.
  • GE CFM Representative on site support.
  • Additional support for our customer representatives during services.
  • Special rates for lodging and car rental for customer representatives.
  • AMASIS system for production, inventories and logistics control.
  • Pneumatic accesories, Electromechanical, Avionics, Batteries, Slides, Machining, Wheels and Brakes Shops.
  • Cleaning and Painting Shop.
  • Sheet Metal Shop.
  • Composite Materials Shop.
  • Passengers and Crew Members Seats Shop.
  • Upholstery Shop.
  • Modern and ecological painting hangar with highest technology.
  • Painting jobs for any type of aircraft.
  • Inspection and preparation on metal and composite material areas.
  • Stripping and Sanding processes.
  • New Livery, Customized design.
  • Full Flight Simulator (FFS); Level D according FAA 14 CFR Part 60, Engines CFM, IAE, more than 380 programed faults, Wireless Instructor Operation Station (IOS)..
  • Fixed Training Device (FTD); Level 4 according FAA applicable for A320-214, Engines CFM 56, Instructor Operation Station (IOS).
  • Flight Management System Trainer (FMST) for familiarization and scan.
  • Main Maintenance Center at Toluca International Airport, nearby Mexico City for heavy maintenance.
  • Modern and ecological painting hangar.
  • Spacious exterior ramp.
  • Consumable materials, rotables and tooling warehouse.
  • Additional maintenance facilities at Mexico City International Airport, two hangars, exterior ramp and warehouse for base maintenance, ADs and SBs compliance, modifications and line maintenance.